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Wisdom Leadership
with Horses

Rethink EQ with the Equine Quotient!

Nationally renowned “horse whisperer,” has moved his equine expertise into a new ring — management consulting.  Read more...
Sonia Krishnan, Seattle Times 

"The Laws of Leadership are Universal." 

Equine-assisted leadership development is an innovative experiential learning approach that combines the power of horses with leadership development principles. By engaging with these magnificent animals, individuals gain profound insights and develop crucial skills that can be applied in the business world and beyond.

Horses are Wise Mentors and Powerful Teachers

Over thousands of years’ horses have developed the ability to read intentions, and follow the strongest leader in the herd for survival.  


Unlike humans, - horses have no agenda or bias. They provide us with an un-distorted mirror, reflect our intentions and emotions, and demonstrate how we are perceived by others. Intuitively they understand and teach us - that great leadership is earned, - it’s about relationships, not about titles, - that it’s personal not physical power.


Communication and leadership are the hallmarks of successful horse training. The Wisdom Leadership Program creates a unique experiential learning opportunity, by utilizing the horses’ natural leadership ability to create deeper relationships, more unified teams, friendships and families.

“You’re empowering them rather than forcing them.” “It’s really about allowing the individual to feel the success and being attuned to their needs”, Karen F., manager at Philips Medical Systems.

Instantaneous Feedback

Horses teach us to:
  • Influence others

  • Communicate authentically 

  • Define clear goals

  • Grow self-awareness

Individual Leader Benefits:
  • Effective communication

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Clarity of presentation

  • Emotional management

  • Overcoming fear

  • Confidence in decision making

  • Conflict resolution

  • Clearly defined goals and objectives

Overall Business Benefits:
  • Boost productivity

  • Drive sales

  • Grow profits

  • Improve team morale

  • Reduce stress

  • Enhance company culture

  • Increase employee retention

  • Clearly defined goals and objectives

Outcomes tailored to each groups individual needs.

Finding new and creative avenues to teach leadership in a corporate environment can be challenge.

Greg's program taps in to the fundamental, innate aspects of leadership within every team. Whether working with a group of leaders or a team with varying levels of seniority, this program will uncover and maximize leadership ability within each person, through the power of the horse.

Tell me and I will forget.

Show me and I may remember.

Involve me and I will understand.

Through carefully crafted activities and interactions with horses, participants engage in a hands-on journey that pushes them to explore their communication styles, emotional intelligence, trust-building abilities, and authentic leadership presence. The experience is immersive, transformative, and impactful, as it challenges individuals to step outside their comfort zones, confront their limitations, and grow into confident and effective leaders.

Our "Why"

Today's business environment requires a new approach to leadership.


Emotional intelligence and effective leadership skills make all the difference in the success of your teams, yet finding ways to teach leadership is challenging


Problems such as COVID, online business, individual needs of remote employees, generational differences and corporate consolidation all require effective communication skills and keen leadership.


In today's competitive marketplace, authentic leadership and dynamic teamwork are critical to success. Companies and organizations are increasingly looking outside of traditional educational training methods to give them a competitive edge in developing leaders and teams that perform.

“You have changed my horse life and you have changed my professional life. The lives of the folks that have changed because I have changed are countless. You have propagated more than you will ever know.” Steven H, Philips Medical Systems

What makes us different:

  • Proven program established in 2006

  • Master Horsemanship Clinician, writer and coach Greg Eliel

  • A team with over fifty years of experience educating humans and horses

  • Outcomes tailored to each group’s needs and unique dynamics

  • Value-added experiential learning applicable to any industry or business unit

  • Flexible single or multi-day formats

  • Current locations in Stockton NJ and Bothell WA

  • Indoor facilities for all-weather availability

This unconventional approach provides a fresh perspective on leadership, allowing participants to tap into their innate potential and develop skills that are often overlooked in traditional leadership training programs.

Our Fearless Leader


Program founder Greg Eliel, has turned the art of “horse whispering” into “human whispering.” Since 2006, Greg has applied this tremendous experience with horse/human communications to help corporate leaders uncover hidden potential within their teams.

A fourth generation Montana cattle rancher, Greg learned early in life the importance of effective communication with his partner, the horse. He went on to receive a Bachelor’s in Animal Science from Montana State University, before establishing himself as a sought-after horsemanship clinician and coach throughout the country. Greg’s programs are renowned for achieving dramatic results by breaking through communication barriers to create stronger relationships and lasting change.


In 2016, using similar equine assisted activities, Greg developed, Overwatch, a free horsemanship program to help U.S. military veterans and their families heal from the wounds of war.

Greg Eliel shows leaders how to step into the world of equine-assisted learning, embrace the wisdom of horses, and unlock your true leadership potential. The journey starts here.

What do Cowboys and Corporations have in common?


Leadership is about the followers, fore without followers there can be no leader.

Its’ not unusual for one cowboy and one horse to have to manage several hundred cattle. To maneuver them from one spot to another, safely, effectively, efficiently, with no one getting hurt. In this world there is no verbal communication but it’s all about the followers, and how clearly the goal is presented to them.


The success of the cowboy is dependent on how he is perceived by his followers, how he communicates his objective and his ability to motivate this team with appropriate pressure.


Like any great leader, the cowboy always takes care of the needs of his team, the cattle and the horse, before he takes care of himself.

Welcome to the world of equine-assisted leadership development, where the power of horses meets the pursuit of exceptional leadership. In today's dynamic business landscape, effective leadership is the key to success. But what if we told you that there is a unique and transformative approach to leadership development that goes beyond traditional methods? Enter equine-assisted leadership development – a groundbreaking concept that harnesses the innate wisdom of horses to unlock your leadership potential.

​What to expect during your workshop:

  • No experience with horses is necessary, and direct contact with the horses is not mandatory

  • Program participants will work with the horses from the ground exclusively; there is no riding

  • We will assist participants in leading horses through structured activities from the ground

  • Participants will also observe an expert demonstration with a troubled horse to bring the day’s communication learnings full circle

Whether you’re a large organization looking to bring your leadership teams to the next level, or a small business looking to unify your staff and drive growth, the Greg Eliel Horsemanship program offers one-of-a-kind corporate and personal leadership workshops.

Wisdom Leadership has worked with executives from FujiFilm
Wisdom Leadership has worked with executives from Johnson & Johnson
Greg Eliel's Wisdom Leadership program has worked with leaders at Philips
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