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Stellar human being, excellent horseman and extraordinary teacher. His balance of integrity and understanding of the horse makes for a great clinic. - Linda H, Acton, CA 

Suppleness, Impulsion and Straightness. If you want to be one with your horse learn from Greg. He inspires you to be one with your horse. Best clinic I have been to. - Louise L, VT

I've seen Greg work with Horses and their owners....Greg makes Horsemanship---FUN....he 'Whispers' not only to the Horses,,,,but to the owners as is a partnership between Horse & owner, that Greg instills and I'm sure he'd agree,,,,like a needs to adjust & change to each new challenge. It's all about patience, watching and letting "IT"......come to you. Greg's got "IT" - Phil G, NJ

The best trainer both for people and horses west of the Mississippi! East of it too!
Unlike some clinicians,very approachable and kind as well.
GO See him! - Jen B

Greg is a man of integrity who puts the needs of the horse first. He cares about people and if they are willing to learn, he will do everything possible to help them succeed. - Lori A, WA

Greg is an excellent teacher. - Richard F, Indio, CA

Many of the clinicians can train horses but really cannot connect with people. Greg is an excellent teacher for both equine and human. I have been involved with Greg at clinics for at least 16 years. I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in upping their ability with their horse. - Jean A, VT

Greg is awesome, both with people and horses, which is a rare talent. Excellent clinician and a hell of a nice guy!! - Ben J, ME

Greg is a natural leader with people and horses. He has a calm supportive manner to help people to develop a better partnership with our horse. Funny though, the principles work well with life too. I have had the pleasure of participating in several of Greg’s clinics and always learn something new every single time. He builds people’s confidence from the inside out, and I only hope I can work with him again. - Cathy M, CA

Greg is an exceptional teacher. It's one thing to know how to do a maneuver, it's another thing to know how to TEACH it. He gets to the bottom of each rider's learning style and applies it during the clinic. - Mari E, CA

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