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Immersion Class (Horsemanship One)

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Immersion (Horsemanship One) generally consists of half ground work and half riding. The halter or ground work exercises are centered around identifying and removing braces or resistances. These are the braces that inhibit horse performance. Each of the riding exercises are designed to refine the ground work exercises. The end result is restoration of the natural movement which will in turn increase both the confidence and performance of your horse. #gregelielhorsemanship

Imagine one of those dreaded moments when something really startles your horse, triggering its instinctive flight response, and the fear and frustration that brings up in you. Now imagine a new partnership in which your horse stops, thinks, and looks to you for leadership rather than reacting in fear in that same situation. You and your horse can have this level of communication and mutual trust, which will not only help keep you both safe, but will also be the foundation for a whole lot more fun together! We can help you get there.

While some riders look to desensitize their horses, we want our horses to retain their sensitivity and responsiveness, while gaining the ability to respond safely and sensibly when the unexpected happens. You can learn how to create a place of comfort for your horse when anxiety-triggering events happen at home, on the trail, or at a show. Gain a new understanding of how your horse is feeling in those reactive moments, and learn the skills to be your horse’s leader by directing their feet to regain control in even the scariest situations.

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