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Who is in your inner circle?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Today I had a long and wide ranging conversation with a dear friend of mine. Like many of our conversations it ranged from moments of levity to deep and heartfelt topics. Many of the riders of the clinics have had the chance to hear me expound on the topic of the importance of surrounding yourself with good people. When this topic surfaced today I was reminded of an interview I heard many years ago that stuck with me all these years. Captain Charles Plumb was being interviewed. And as I recall the story went something like this: Charlie Plumb: “I was sitting at a restaurant today and noticed this man kept looking at me. Finally he walked to my table. He said,” Your are Captain Plumb aren’t you?” Plumb answered, “ Yes I am.” The man then said, ;”You flew F-4 Phantoms off the USS Kitty Hawk and were shot down over North Vietnam. You were captured and held prisoner of war for 6 years.” Plumb answered, “Yes I am.” “How do you know so much about me?” The stranger then answered, “ I packed your parachute.” The stranger was a parachute rigger on the USS Kitty Hawk!

This amazing story left a deep impression on me. Who packs your parachute? Who do you surround yourself with? I make a habit to surround myself with people who support, inspire, and guide me well. Do you do the same? Life is so short; there is so much to learn I only have time to surround myself with great people.

If you want to learn more about this amazing story look up Thanks Capt. Plumb for helping embed this core principle in me.

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