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A culture of respect. Words from Wisdom™ -V3

A couple of years back I attended a well attended equine event. The crowd was excited to observe a weekend of great riding and roping. In addition to watching the ballet of rawhide and horse-flesh, one can peruse the wonderful gear show. Masterpieces of silver, rawhide, leather, steel, and silk lurk in every corner. The leather-fueled high among the spectators and riders alike produced stares with the intensities of a border collie. You get the picture, names like Harwood, Tietjen, Garcia, put cowhands in the same frame of mind normally reserved for hard-core shoppers on Black Friday. But something was different from the crowds that gather at the local mall or Costco, or grocery store. I could feel it, but it took me a while to articulate it. I realized the difference: it was how everyone moved. The movement around the event was different because the crowd was soft. It occurred to me what I was observing was the best of what ranch culture represents. It was a culture of respect. When passing in the aisles, great effort was made to step behind someone instead of in front of that person. Doors were held, eye contact was made and smiles were exchanged among strangers; sort of like seeing a sermon rather than hearing it. Respect pervaded the event: respect for horses, cattle, land, grass, water, wives, husbands, kids, parents, gear, traditions, and family was brought to town and put on exhibition as a way of life. This event typifies what is best and yet vanishing in America. You won’t see this at a football game, on the freeway, or in the malls or schools of America. I am glad to be a part of such a great culture…A culture of respect. I look forward to the time we get to spend together, and lessons awaiting our futures together.. #gregelielhorsemanship #gregeliel

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