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Greg Eliel - Innovative Horsemanship.

Riding is as much an intellectual pursuit as a physical sport.

About Greg

“Love the horse more than you love the sport.” #gregelielhorsemanhip #gregeliel

A native Montanan whose family legacy in the Big Hole Valley stretches back to 1894, master clinician Greg Eliel is fourth-generation cattle rancher with a deep understanding of the horse/human relationship. The seventh of eight children from this hard-working ranch family, Greg’s unique skills as a horseman and teacher are founded in lifelong values of integrity, humility, and commitment. Regardless of discipline, you and your horse will benefit from Greg’s thirty plus years of horsemanship experience, which includes learning from master horsemen Ray Hunt, Tom and Bill Dorrance, and Buck Brannaman.

Greg received his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from Montana State University, went on to work with Buck and deepen his study of horsemanship from 1989-1993, before stepping into his own as a clinician. Since then, Greg has carefully developed a step-by-step program proven to bring out the best in humans and their horses. Greg teaches clinics across the country, as well as clinics, group, and private lessons his new home base of Frenchtown, New Jersey.

Learning from Greg Whether you’re an experienced equestrian looking to refine your skills and bring your horse to a more advanced level, or less experienced and looking to feel more confident with your horse day-to-day, Greg’s tailored approach and master communication skills will help you work through challenges to reach those goals. He starts with simple groundwork, then applies these exercises on horseback, helping riders find Suppleness, Straightness and Impulsion. Greg has a proven track record with riders and horses across the spectrum, from advanced levels of English and Western performance, hunter/jumpers and dressage, to weekend trail riders. All who put the horse first are welcome in Greg’s program.

Greg’s one-of-a-kind approach draws on his knowledge of psychology, physiology, biomechanics, and kinesiology. His lifelong commitment to learning about these related fields allows him to bring out the best in riders and horses through cognitive and behavioral strategies. Greg helps students overcome their personal roadblocks, create a vision for success, set goals, and implement that plan. This program creates dramatic results by tapping into each student’s unique learning style while also understanding each horse’s distinct needs. In clinics and lessons, Greg combines the optimal balance of theory and visualization with practical application through thoughtful exercises, because he understands that great horsemanship and riding are as much intellectual pursuits as they are physical sport.

Working with Greg, riders develop an understanding of how horses think, why they react the way they do in different situations, and how to anticipate and respond to those reactions with leadership and effective communication. Students of Greg benefit from his kindness, positivity, humor, and deep experience. Horses benefit from his heart, feel, finesse, and ability to set them up for success.

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