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“Give out, but don’t give up.”

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

In the last two days I have received 3 different messages from friends that are going thru challenging times. Two of them have been close friends for over 40 years. So many thoughts swirl thru my mind. I hate when people I love are going through difficult times, though I know it is a routine part of life, I still disdain it. I was thinking of the things that have made a difference in my life when the chips were down, and then I remembered a wonderful story told by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas in his autobiography My Grandfather’s Son.

Clarence was raised by a Grandfather in the south when times were tough. His Grandfather was an honest and hardworking man of integrity. Whenever times got really tough he always had piece of advice for Clarence or anyone else around him. He would say,” Give out, but don’t give up!”

I love that saying. For me I always used to equate giving out with giving up. I feared that if I admitted I was worn out, that I might be giving up and that didn’t work well for me. Once I was able to recognize that giving out wasn’t giving up, my ability to tolerate tough times increased. I was able to admit I was tired, or worn out, or just exasperated with life, and to admit that isn’t giving up. I think I am better able to dissipate the trouble by admitting that I took a shot rather that than try to not let it affect me. Just know it is not a permanent state. This is why I like to keep my ears and eyes open. Gems like this can come from the most unexpected places. S.A., C.H, & H.S, hang tough my friends!

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